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Life with Fern

This tiny dog-monster entered our lives just over a year ago. The rescue that brought her from Mexico to Canada was having a hard time finding her a 'forever' home. The ad suggested that she may have quite a few health issues, but with a vet in the family we thought that we could manage any issues. Once we met her it was a done deal.

It turns out the health issues were minor to non-existent and she just needed to go on a diet!

This tiny dog packs a huge personality and we couldn't imagine life without her. The cats on the other hand...
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About three years ago at this time of year I was lucky enough to travel to Bulgaria with my partner. We saw cities and villages, rode through the mountains on horseback and went para-sailing over the black sea. It was amazing! It feels like it couldn't possibly have been that long ago, but like time and rivers, life winds it's way forward.